Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Tour de Tonka, 2007

Add the Tour de Tonka to a long list of South Lake events for active folks that are gaining popularity.

Organizers believe that this year's Tour could draw nearly 1,000 people if the weather holds. I personally have seen bike groups as far away as Iowa and Wisconsin pushing the Tour as a fun event in a great area. Proceeds benefit the ICA Foodshelf.

Events like the Tour de Tonka, Lake Minnetonka Triathlon, Wenmark Legends 10K, and Excelsior Firecracker Run bring a good group of people to the area. I think they are a different group than would otherwise come for events like the 4th of July or Art on the Lake. My experience is that people who come to the South Lake area for active pursuits are courteous, appreciative, and might not have otherwise had a reason to come out this far west of the city.

Join me in being a good host to these visitors, and showing off the Lake Minnetonka area. Better yet, do a ride yourself. The shortest one is a 15-miler, which nearly anyone can do if you have a decent quality bike.

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