Saturday, September 1, 2007

Greenwood to limit house sizes

The small village of Greenwood has decided to limit the size of homes being built in their city. The move, which isn't uncommon these days, would create several formulas for determining how large a home could be relative to the lot size. Some likely criteria include building height and footprint.

The fact that building restrictions will be put in place isn't huge news. Municipalities have been doing that for years, and I would guess that Greenwood is in the minority by not having stricter codes today. However, what magnitude of restrictions they put in place is worth watching. Will they restrict house sizes so they keep the "cottage" character of original Greenwood? Or will they recognize that an area like Greenwood, being so close to the lake, attracts people who like to build dream homes -- even if they are "not-so-big" dream homes.

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