Monday, September 10, 2007

School District 276 - IB Comment from Reader

In a posting from early August, I requested any opinions or observations about the International Baccalaureate program in the Minnetonka School District. A reader recently posted this which I wanted to highlight and not have it buried back in the comments:

The IB program is an incredible addition. The number of students who have entered into the program and are taking classes has expanded three-fold since introduced at the high school (our student is one of them). I believe the money spent is nominal and goes towards preparing teachers who wish to teach IB. I might add that this is an optional program for students – it would be very interesting to hear from IB students!

Thanks to this reader for posting this useful information and opinion. The IB program and other school issues will be big news very soon, as another school board election approaches. I've always been impressed how fluent on the school district issues our voters tend to be, and I'm sure there will be a thorough vetting process for this year's election.

I'd love to post some articles on topics of particular interest in the upcoming school board election, ones that would spur good discussion among readers. If you have ideas for the most relevant issues, please let me know what they are.

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