Sunday, November 4, 2007

Reasoned Referendum Argument

Occasionally I like to post one of the submitted "comments" as an actual blog entry, especially if it presents information in a way that is more succinct and cogent than I've been able to. Attached is a comment from Peg Keenan in response to one of the comment posts from a recent thread:

Response to the Admiral:I can’t speak to what is going on in Westonka, where you live; however, I know in the Minnetonka School District the need for the referendum is real. With only a 1% increase in general education funding for 2008-2009, Minnetonka is facing a $3.4 million deficit. Minnetonka School District wisely used the 4% increase appropriated in 2005 to stretch all the way through 2007-2008 without budget cuts. They have had the authority to go to referendum since 2003 and have held off until 2007. The District is very well managed and only has approached voters when it became absolutely necessary. I also applaud the School Board for their plan to neutralize the tax impact of the operating referendum by decreasing the levy for long term maintenance. Residents should check out the online tax calculator at: referendum investment in 2002 has provided great returns on our investment and student achievement has increased by almost every measure. I encourage everyone to read the Minnetonka School District Annual Report to see the incredible achievement. It is online at

Peg Keenan

Chair, Committee for Quality Academics

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  1. I had a much bigger issue with Wenmark's attendance situation, that fact that this had been brought to his attention by the Board Chairperson and his response.