Monday, December 31, 2007

On It and In It: Lake Minnetonka New Year's Day Plunge

One of the great things about living in Minnesota is how we embrace winter. Nothing exemplifies it more than the ALARC On It and In It Lake Minnetonka Run and Jump.

The run begins on New Year's morning at 9am at Bayview Event Center in Excelsior, with the freezing plunge into Lake Minnetonka immediately following. More information can be found here:

As of press time, the temperature at 9am tomorrow is expected to be 6 degrees above zero.


  1. Congrats to ALARC on such a successful event. One-of-a-kind events like this, however quirky they are, are good for the South Shore area.

  2. Anyone remember the days when Pauls Landing was KING of the lake. Alumicraft boats, canoes and Chrystler Sailboats. I was there, shorts, shoes, tee shirt optional. Biggest in the nation. More stories that I can write now. Paul was one of the most generous people you would ever encounter. Actually, too nice to be a biz man. Made history and still tells it if you ever ride the trolly in Wayzata. Say hi. He is an icon.