Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ramstad Reconsidering?

A story covered in Roll Call this week and hitting the blogosphere circuit today is that of Jim Ramstad reconsidering his retirement.

We think Jim Ramstad is an excellent Congressman, one who represents the profile of the 3rd district nearly perfectly. We also think there will be a more natural time to step down -- in 4 years when redistricting, and the likely loss of one of Minnesota's 8 seats, may mean the person representing the 3rd has to go head-to-head with another popular incumbent.

While we would be thrilled if Ramstad decided not to retire, the most important thing is that his decision is clear soon. It will only be fair to Erik Paulsen and the other Republican prospects to know if Ramstad is in this race or not.

1 comment:

  1. Who is this we you speak of. I thought this blog was written by one person. So which is it?

    Circumstances change, but what has changed since Ramstad announced his retirement? He suddenly isn't interested in spending more time with his wife and family? A lucrative, private sector job isn't out there any more? Or was he expecting a guilty plea to go public, but it didn't?

    Nobody pressured him to announce his retirement. He'll look like a dufus if he changes his mind now.