Friday, January 11, 2008

3rd Congressional District Fundraising

The Oct-Dec 07 fundraising numbers are in, and two DFL candidates posted very strong fundraising. State Sen. Terri Bonoff and Attorney Ashwin Madia both raised in excess of $100,000.

No reports are yet available from the other two known candidates, DFLer Jim Hovland and the GOP's Erik Paulsen.

This confirms that there will be no shortage of Democratic money making its way into this race. It also confirms that the Republicans can't wait too long before a candidate or candidates become visible, or Congressman Ramstad officially changes his mind and gets back into the race.

This blog maintains its belief that a strong Independent candidate, particularly one who could be partially self-financed, could have a real chance in this district. This is especially true if the party bases decide to nominate candidates who are off-center on the issues. We hope more people come forward to get into this race, as it would be good for the voters for this race to open up even more.


  1. Just a point of clarification...

    Isn't it "Democrat" money as opposed to "Democratic" money? Or did the Democrats become the Democratics?

    After all, if the Republicanics don't start raising money soon, they're sure to have a loosing candidate.

    Interesting how the Democrats have gotten a pass on their adopted party name. There's nothing democratic about the party. Wonder how long the name has actually been in use?

    I think the mix-up in names was slowly adopted not paying attention to the difference; just like Bush uses good "strategery" and people say that the USA is a democracy.

  2. The word "Democratic" in referring to Democrats is commonly accepted, but you raise a good point. There is a difference between Democratic principles and democratic principles.

    From Democratic: belong to or relating to the Democratic Party; "Democratic senator"