Saturday, January 19, 2008

Press in the Sun Sailor

This blog was mentioned in the Sun Sailor as one of Excelsior's "online street corners". We appreciate hitting the radar of established news sources like the Sun Sailor. The editorial can be found at The editorial also makes mention of another area blog which we didn't previously know about,

Editor Mike Hanks made a good point in his piece, that readers should use their judgment when reading posts from anonymous, upstart sources. Even though we are one of those anonymous, upstart sources, we concur with Hanks. The more of your reputation you put at stake when writing, the more accountable you are for your opinions. Being an anonymous blog puts little at stake for the blog publisher, except the internal conscience that what you are writing is true and accurate.

We have chosen to keep this blog anonymous for a couple reasons. First, the intention is for this to be a community forum, not a personal editorial outlet (although editorial element has snuck in to posts a bit more than was originally intended, but hey -- slow news days). Second, we've never thought it really mattered, as the author(s) hold a low profile in the area (non-business-owners, non-office-holders).

We appreciate making the printed word, and can appreciate Hanks' call to use judgment when reading online sources, or any news source for that matter. There is no substitute for watching a city council meeting for yourself, attending a candidate forum in person, or doing your own research on municipal and civic issues. Hopefully we give you one more angle to consider when arriving at your own conclusions.

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