Saturday, April 5, 2008

55331 City Data

For statistics junkies out there, you need to visit It is a great site with, you guessed it, data on cities. You can get down to the zip code level of data and dig in to the profile of your specific area. The "Top 100" lists are also great -- they compare zip codes across the nation in many interesting and obscure categories.

Among a few interesting items:

- Two age groups dominate the populus of the 55331 zip code: Early teenagers, and those in their mid-thirties to mid-forties.

- The average home value is about $460,000, a little over twice the state average

- The average resident of this zip code makes about 3 times the state average income, and pays about 4.5 times the state average tax amount

- On average, a resident of this zip code gives about 3.7% of their income to charity

- 84% of us drive to work alone

- The most common ancestry reported is 1) German (#1 by alot), 2) Norwegian, 3) Irish, 4) Swedish, and 5) English

I just can't get enough of numbers like this. I'd recommend the site.

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