Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Meeting

The long-awaited Excelsior City Council Meeting where public input was taken on the Pavilion proposal occured last Wednesday. The only information I can find on it is what was printed in the StarTrib, but I'm sure there will be news in the local papers soon.

If anyone attended the meeting and is willing to share your thoughts or observations, please do so for the benefit of the readers. Thanks.

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  1. I attended the hearing and was surprised at how many of the commissions gave a resounding "NO!" The only commission I recall not weighing in on the matter was the Historical Commission.

    The Finance Commission had the most impressive points showing how the Pavilion would have very little impact to Excelsior's tax receipts. Matter in fact, they were showing a net loss if you factor in the parking ramp that some have also been trying to force down the throats of business owners, there is a not loss!

    It's really not surprising if residents just stop and think about it without all the emotion.

    This group pushing the Pavilion through have really sold a load of bull to Excelsior residents and continued to pimp it last Wednesday. Saying the view wouldn't be blocked was laughable.

    Bottom line, even if the Excelsior city council votes for this proposal to move forward, the LMCC and DNR will never let a monstrous structure like this be built on the water's edge.

    Too bad we can't build this thing next to Jon Monson's house in Deephaven to let him and his neighbors experience first hand what a wonderful idea this really is... not!