Monday, July 28, 2008

We Have a Race

The 3rd Congressional District is fortunate to have three intelligent and serious candidates for Jim Ramstad's House seat. Republican Erik Paulsen of Eden Prairie, Democrat Ashwin Madia of Maple Grove, and Independent David Dillon of Shorewood are all putting their best feet forward in this race. While Dillon's status as a 3rd party candidate severely hampers his ability to raise funds, all indications are that he is in this to win, just like Paulsen and Madia.

While this blog may endorse a candidate at a later date, for now the objective will be to get the right information into voters' hands. With that, here are a few links that you might want to check out in an effort to better educate you on this major race.

Paulsen's website
Madia's website
Dillon's website
WCCO recent interview with Madia and Paulsen (here and here)
MPR coverage (best balanced local politics coverage available, in my opinion)
Info on upcoming debate by the TwinWest Chamber of Commerce

Of course, there are numerous blogs covering this race as well. I hesitate to link to them because of the skewed coverage you would receive on the candidates. However, if you are willing to spend some time researching and understand that most blog authors are strongly biased, I'd encourage you to Google many of the local politics blogs.


  1. You damn right David Dillon is in it to win!

  2. I like David Dillon. Met him. He has my vote as he will sit and actually talk to. At a meet up he stayed and answered everyone's question and I am sure that if you emailed him he would do exactly the same. He doesn't talk to you and try to get you to give him money. The other two? Seems like they are asking you. If you are already a donor the other two will walk right past you and to them before they talk to you, a person that hasn't donated to anyone - yet. So if the vote were today? Dillon would have my vote. Because he actually talked to me and gave me answers to my questions even if he was sure I was not going to like his answers. Which a couple of them I didn't but they were honest. The other two? Told me what they thought I wanted to hear.