Saturday, August 16, 2008

Local Elections at a Glance: Shorewood

(This is the first in a series of pieces regarding the upcoming November 4 local elections. For each South Lake municipality, we will outline the open seats, candidate registration deadline, and any other relevant information).

After a brief, four-year "ward" system of City Council elections, Shorewood will return to an at-large approach where the entire city population can vote for any of the candidates regardless of precinct.

Open Seats: All. Four councilmembers (two 2-year terms and two 4-year terms) and the 2-year mayoral post.

Candidate Filing Deadline: Tuesday, Sept. 9, 5pm

More Info: Shorewood's election page

Major Issues, incumbents announcing re-election plans, etc.: You tell us! Post a comment and dialogue with your neighbors.


  1. I have yet to hear of one candidate for Shorewood.

    But I expect a contingent of folks to campaign together against the majority on the council. Vote out incumbants!

  2. I have nothing to do w/ this page...just stumbled upon it tonight. It doesn't look like anyone knows it exists. I linked to the first blog entry....which may be very telling about who or why it exists.

  3. The Shorewood City Council is an embarassment to our community.

    Vote Out the Incumbants!!!

  4. Hey Hey.. Ho Ho.. ALL Shorewood Five must GO!!

  5. Even though the votes are rarely unanimous on controversial issues, all 5 must go? That makes little sense.

  6. I have heard that 4/5 of the current council has filed for re-election.

  7. As is true for most small towns, candidates for city office in Shorewood supposedly run without party endorsement. How is it, then, that the Minnesota DFL's online DFL Event Calendar for October, 2008, under the headings "Lake County Progressives . . . Take back your City Council!" breathlessly touts an October 23 "discussion" with Shorewood City Council Candidates Scott Keen, Scott Zerby, Bob Edmundson and Debbie Siakel who "are joining together to take back their city council" and "bring a promise of positive leadership and teambuilding with our excellent mayor, Chris Lizee"? In addition to "beverages," the organizers say that they hope to have available "a copy of Michael Moore's newest documentary concerning getting out the Nov.4th vote of our young adults." If political parties are going to surreptitiously sponsor stealth candidates in this way, why not change the rules and have local candidates run with party endorsement. That would not necessarily be a desirable result, but at least it would be honest.