Saturday, September 27, 2008

Old Color Center Building Gets a Facelift

A highly visible Excelsior intersection will soon have two new street-level businesses.

The old Color Center building at the prominent corner of Water and 3rd is being renovated to house two new businesses. Taglio Salon will use part of the storefront, presumably moving from their current location on Lake St. The other half of the storefront appears to be dedicated to a new french bakery called La Patisserie. A quick call to the La Patisserie on Grand Ave. in St. Paul indicated that there is no relation between the two.

In addition to being on one of the heavier traffic corners of town, this location has the advantage of direct access to the West Lot, and presumably the spaces for these businesses are grandfathered in.

While that building at Water and 3rd seems underutilized by just having one story, it is exciting to see a new business come in and another relocate to it. A french bakery should have a very good chance of success given the genre of customers who make Excelsior a destination.


  1. i'm not convinced freedom bread is the ticket to retail happiness in downtown Excelsior. not even if they serve freedom vanilla ice cream for dessert.

  2. Great to hear a new business is coming to town and a French Bakery at that!

    I look forward to it's arrival and partaking in the delicious baked goods from all around the world!

  3. Just wondering when the bakery will open?