Saturday, April 4, 2009

Shorewood Community Center To Be Sold

The Sun Sailor did a nice job of covering the developments regarding the Shorewood Community Center. The City Council of Shorewood voted, in a 3-2 vote, to buy out the ownership shares from other cities, and then put the Center up for sale.

Regardless of how one feels on the matter, it is hard to argue that this development was surprising and abrupt. I've written before about my purely personal preference that governments not be involved in businesses that the private sector could provide, but this case bleeds over into community amenities and service. Either way, it all seemed to occur so quickly that it has been hard to digest and analyze the issue well.


  1. The vote to buy out the cities was 3-1. Councilmember Scott Zerby was not at the March 23 meeting when the council approved the buyout.

  2. I assume you've seen the pro-Southshore blogsite that is linking to any story it can find.