Monday, September 17, 2007

Congressman Ramstad Announces Retirement

This will be the final congressional term for Congressman Jim Ramstad. He announced today that he will not seek reelection in 2008. You can see the details of his press conference and much more information here:

We can now add the 2008 MN CD-3 race to the list of items that will be closely followed on this blog during the coming year. While the 3rd congressional district has been represented by Republicans for the past 46 years, many of the non-congressional elections in the district have been up for grabs lately. Congressional Quartely does a nice job of summarizing some recent elections here:

The biggest question right now seems to be this: Will the parties attempt to field a candidate in the mold of Jim Ramstad or Bill Frenzel (who held the seat prior to Ramstad), or will each party use this as their opportunity to put forth a candidate who aligns more closely with the party base? And if both major party candidates are extreme, is there room for a 3rd party entrant?

Much more to come, but I'll go on record saying this: Voters in CD3 have proven they like moderate candidates who represent the district, not the party. If the Republicans can find a truly moderate candidate in the mold of Ramstad, he or she will be very tough to beat. But a race between a moderate Democrat and a conservative Republican would be up for grabs in this district, especially in 2008.

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