Friday, September 14, 2007

Excelsior Water Fountain Vandalism

There is a letter to the editor in the Sun Sailor offering a reward for information leading to the resolution of recent vandalism on Excelsior's water fountain:

This is the second time that the fountain at the five corners area has been vandalized. It is sad that some people who live in or visit the South Lake area insist on being destructive. How hard would it be to simply walk by the fountain without vandalizing it?

Excelsior is in an interesting position: The town is viewed as a destination, but with the destination status you are going to get good visitors (hopefully 95%) and people who you rather would stay away (presumably the other 5%). The 5% require a disproportionate amount of policing and create most of the nuisance problems. Ultimately, those 5% were probably the reason for the SLMPD funding issues two years ago. Who pays for those 5%? The residents of the SLMPD coverage area? The residents of Excelsior? The business community?

I have an answer: Maybe the 5% should pay themselves. I hope the vandals are caught and required to pay full restitution in addition to fines and potential jail or service time. If you have information on that vandalism event, please go to the link above to provide information.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, it is too bad that the water fountain gets repeatedly vandalized.

    My guess is that a few drunks stumble out of a certain establishment near by and get carried away with horseplay around the "water" and inadvertently cause damage.

    Hope they get caught on the new camera!