Saturday, September 29, 2007

Power Shift: Minnesota Likely to Lose Congressional Seat

A discussion over at prompted me to look into how the upcoming census reapportionment could impact Minnesota, which in turn could have an effect on candidates willing to run for the 3rd CD seat. Among other sources, I typically appreciate Kiplinger's clarity and willingness to go out on a limb, so I quote from the most recent Kiplinger Washington Letter:

"The nation's midsection can count on losing influence as Iowa, Minn, Mo., Ill., and Mich. each lose a seat in 2012 elections for the House of Representatives, based on smaller populations. Ohio will lose two seats. In the East, N.Y. will also shed two seats. Power will flow to the South and the West. The big winner: Texas, gaining four seats. Fla. and Ariz. will add two apeice, Ga., Wash., and Ore., are going to pick up one House seat each. But Calif., for the first time in its history, won't gain any seats because of outmigration and a curb on counting illegal immigrants."

While it is all speculation at this point, if the reapportionment occured today, it would likely fall as Kiplingers predicts. With the possibility of incumbency not meaning alot in just four short years (as incumbents are forced to run again each other, possibly in primaries, in 2012), I wonder if it tips that scales to the "defer" category for anyone considering a run for Ramstad's seat.

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