Saturday, September 29, 2007

What's Going On With The Old Pizza Hut Building?

Anyone who has been to downtown Excelsior this summer has noticed that the old Pizza Hut / Lakeshore Deli building is not only vacant, but seemingly deserted. When I first drove by it in the early spring, I assumed that I'd see signficant construction or renovation occuring quickly. Here we are entering October, and to the casual observer nothing has changed.

A quick Google search of the property (officially known as 10 Water St.) shows that it is owned by IRET Properties, c/o Thomas James Realty, and that it switched hands in April 2006 for just under a million dollars.

Don't get me wrong -- I don't miss the Pizza Hut. The cleanliness and service were always subpar, plus Joey Nova's fills the pizza niche for me with their good quality food and nice dining area. But I do miss the terribly underrated Lakeshore Deli, and am curious what such a prominent piece of property on Lake Minnetonka is doing sitting vacant for so long.

Given that this property accounts for 6-7% of Excelsior's property tax income (more if the property is improved), I would think that redeveloping such a visible property is in their best interest, not to mention the owner's.

If you have the scoop on what is happening with this South Lake property, feel free to post your info.


  1. We need a Papa Murphy's in the area. Best pizza out there, no contest!

  2. I heard it is going to be a small hotel and restaurant.

  3. Details about the plan for the site should be forthcoming soon, I have heard.