Saturday, November 17, 2007

Minnetonka to lose 427 hardwood trees

About a month ago on this blog, we posted that we admired Minnetonka's new tree preservation policy. They had taken steps to implement a city tree preservation ordinance which far surpassed that of most cities in the area. Given that it takes multiple generations to create a true specimen tree, we thought this was a good policy. The magnificent hardwoods that are such an asset to the South Lake area could not be recreated in our lifetimes if they were to fall.

It was with interest and concern, then, that we read the article from today's Strib pointing out that as many as 427 hardwoods in Minnetonka will need to come down for a road project on Shady Oak Rd.

We know that we need to balance nature with human needs, convenience, and safety. We just find it unfortunate any time established trees that can never truly be replaced have to be razed.

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