Monday, November 19, 2007

Thank You to November Readers

Since the inception of this blog, no month has ever possessed the readership that November has. I won't divulge all of the numbers, but the day before the 11/5 School Board elections alone had more visitors than what I had hoped I'd get in a typical week ongoing.

Through a nifty little tool called Google Analytics, I can get a sense of what people are interested in reading about. One of the categories that is on the Google report is "Top Keywords". That is, which keywords were people searching for most often when Google or Yahoo routed them to your site.

In November, Virtually all of the top keywords had to do with the election. Things like "Minnetonka School Board", "Minnetonka Referendum", and individual candidates' names were all in the top 15 keyword searches. Additionally, 4 of the top 10 search terms had something to do with Bill Wenmark. While I wrote before the election that wasn't thrilled the election was becoming about one candidate's history rather than today's pressing issues, I admire that people of the area took it upon themselves to research the issue on their own, as is evidenced by the number of search hits on that topic.

Writing a blog like this can be a crapshoot. Staring at the monitor while writing a column, it reminds me of the line from Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb that goes "Hello, is there anybody in there?" I'm glad to know that there is indeed someone in there, and that whoever they are care about local civic issues.

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