Wednesday, May 14, 2008

John Berns not seeking reelection

Rep. John Berns, the legislator representing House District 33b, announced earlier this week that he will not seek reelection. He cites personal, family, and financial reasons as the driver behind his decision. I first saw the news in the Sun Sailor.

Rep. Berns has represented the district well, in a moderately conservative fashion that suits the district's profile. It is understandable that the office's impact on income and the demanding peak period of legislative work doesn't capture a young family man like Berns. Berns served his district, did a good job for his term, and will now give someone else their chance at public service.

Thank you to Rep. Berns for his service, and I'm sure we'll provide plenty of coverage of this November candidate field as it becomes a bit clearer.

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