Sunday, May 11, 2008

Washington Post ranks Pawlenty as #1 VP contender

The Washington Post has ranked Tim Pawlenty as the top contender to be John McCain's VP nominee. I'd post a link, but subscription is required. Other names on the list include Florida Governor Charlie Crist and South Dakota Senator John Thune. There is a theme emerging -- youthfulness. It is clear that the VP nominee will need to balance McCain's more, shall we say "seasoned" quality.

On the Democratic side, the top ranking for the VP slot goes to Governor Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas. In 3rd place is Hillary Clinton, so it is assumed that Obama is the nominee.

At the state level, one has to wonder if Pawlenty on the ticket would give coattails to local and congressional Republican candidates.


  1. Two new blogs to stir up conversation.

    Pick Obama's VP
    Who should be Barack Obama's Vice President Running Mate?

    Pick McCain's VP
    Who should be John McCain's Vice President Running Mate?

    Plus the often updated and objective Media Analysis of the Hillary campaign.

  2. I'd say Charlie Crist on the GOP side. The Dem side is very blurry -- I'd say no to Edwards, since he didn't do it for Kerry. And Richardson, as much as I personally like him better than either Obama or Clinton, would be a no because I can't imagine the Dems putting two minorities on the ticket given all the buzz about Obama not doing well with blue collar whites.

  3. Pawlenty as VP? Think about who would be in charge if he left? Scary!!
    Tim Pawlenty of taxes would fit right in. He is a yet man to GW and the other Republican buddies and will do really well as a yes man to McBush. I don't think that putting Mr Taxes will do much for that ticket.
    I say, put someone even more as a yes man. Norm Coleman! Talk about a yes man!! WOW!!
    I wish there were an Independent that we could vote for. I know the BBC in Britain were lauding our choices in 2004. They were actually saying, "Is this the best and brightest the American's have?"