Thursday, October 23, 2008

South Lake Minnetonka Community Voter Guides

Two local newspapers have printed their annual voter guide issues. I would strongly encourage anyone to read them and learn more about their candidates. My post from a couple weeks ago regarding candidates for local elections was incomplete, so I'll defer to these voter guides to summarize the races.

Excelsior Sun Sailor - They have done a nice job of doing their voter guides in an article style that included candidate interviews. This makes the candidate assessment much more personal and less about simply cutting and pasting a website bio, as some candidates do with more of a straight Q&A.

Lakeshore Weekly News - More of a Q&A style which doesn't allow for the same insight, but a broader guide that includes county and Congressional races.

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  1. You will find all of our local election profiles online, but you won't see all of them in last week's paper. We had a few production problems that resulted in the omission of a few, so this Thursday we will try, again, to run profiles for a few categories that were missed/botched last week.